Common Diseases Related With Colon 


Most of the time it has seen that people are suffering from several stomach problems.The commons are constipation ,stomach bloating , digestive disorders, fatigue, low immune system, nervousness, skin rash.The main reasons of all these problems is your bad colon.Below we are describing about the problems related with colon and symptoms of colon:

  •   Constipation :  Constipation is also called irregular difficult evacuation of the bowels.It is the condition when your digestive system become disturb.The main cause of constipation are insufficient dietary fiber intake and  inadequate fluid intake. Decrement in physical activities and some psychological issues also may be the reason of constipation.

  •  Hemorrhoids:  When we feel pain due to venous swelling ,then it is called hemorrhoids.The other name of hemorrhoids is Piles.There are two kind of is external and other is internal.The main causes of the hemorrhoids are infrequent bowel movements,low fibre diet,pregnancy and sitting at one place for a long period of time.Obesity is also one cause of it.

  • Appendicitis:  In simple language it is the infection of the appendix.In it the wall of appendix can weaken and rapture.It happen when appendix becomes blocked by stool or any other infection of the body.

  •  Colitis: Colitis is a complicated problem of large intestine (colon).The main cause behind it is inflammation of the colon.I am not sure what is the main cause behind it but after reading some articles and discussions of the doctors ,I found that it might be caused by the immune system overreacting to normal bacteria in the digestive tract.

  • Diverticulitis: It is a digestive disease found  in large intestine. In it the patient feel s abdominal pain and fever.Condition is attributed to constipation and unnecessary inflammation can cause severe pain and bleeding.

  • Anal fissure:  The main reason of it  is a tear in anus is bleeding and prone, as well as severe pain. It is also a common problem of the colon.

  • Dilated blood vessels:  Examples of this type of colon problems, varicose veins and spider veins, which also caused lack of dietary fiber on the seat and stretched, like hemorrhoids.

  • Colon subsided:  Prolapsed colon colon is a common problem usually attributed to lack of proper colon hygiene. It is also known as colon or colon ptosis cases, this disease is characterized by a small downward shift in organ.

           So Now All of you would be very clear about the colon diseases and the importance of the colon cleanse.

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